We at SHUBHAM’S ART GALLERY are overwhelmed to have Mr. Bhisaji Pandurang Gadekar as a tutor for the workshop on “Pottery Art”. It is his work experience that will make his presence more precious. Let’s not loose the auspicious opportunity to gather the knowledge in Pottery Art with Bhisaji Pandurang Gadekar.  Click to Register


CONTACT NO. : +919881282994
E-mail: bhisa99@gmail.com
PERMANENT ADDRESS: Bhisaji Pandurang Gadekar
H.No: 359/2
Bazarwada Marcela -Ponda Goa -403107


2012-14 – M.F.A (Sculpture) Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal 2008-12 – B.F.A (Painting and Sculpture) Goa College of Art, Goa



2015 – Skill Upgradation Course in Pottery organized by Khadi and Village Industry, Govt. of India, Ministry of Art and Culture.



2017-      ACT II –Speak up residency, Studio 365.

2017-       Khoj International Workshop, Goa

2017-     “CSK Award” Group show in Museum of Goa, Goa.

2016- “Lucid Sleep” Serendipity Art Festival, Goa (A series of live performances curated by HH Art Spaces.

2016 –      State Art Exhibition by Kala Academy, Goa.

2016- – “Butoh” improvisation workshop with YUKO KASEKI (Japanese artist) The Heritage Hotel: Art Spaces, Goa.

2016- – The Heritage Hotel: Art Spaces Goa (Residency from 1st April to 29th April) 2016-17 – “KIPAF” (Kolkata International Performance Art Festival)

2016-     – Liberty in Expression (Group exhibition in Pune)

2015-16 – “SENSORIUM” edition (love) Sunaparanta, Goa (Performance curated by HH Art Spaces)

2015-16 – “Sculpture camp” (Bronze) Directorate of Art and Culture Goa

2015-16 – “Open 5” Art Spaces Hotel Heritage, (Performance) 2015-16 – “Get Naked” Art Spaces Hotel Heritage, (Performance) 2015-16 – “Get Naked” Art Spaces Hotel Heritage, (Performance)

2015-16 – Matheran Green Festival (group performance)

2015-16 – “KIPAF” (Kolkata International Performance Art Festival)

2014-15 – “Janela” Forms and Migrating Gods, Collaterals project, Kochi Muziris Biennale (Group exhibition)

2014 –       The Karma Konsum Green Festival Pune -“Sculpture installation” Eco-Sensitivity and Sustaniability,

2014 – –      Ebong Alap, performance and installation in Jadavpur University, Kolkatta. 2014-15 – “KIPAF” (Kolkata International Performance Art Festival)

2014 –        Annual Exhibition in ICCR, Ravindarnath Tagore Centre

2013 –        “SAWAD” An exhibition of painting and sculpture

2013 – “Hotel Thether Courage” workshop in Kala Bhavana by Holland Artist 2013 – Performance Workshop by Inder Salim
2012 – Group  Show – “AIFACS” Delhi

2012 – “ANTSNIKETAN” by Inder Salim in Santiniketan

2012 –        Musical Performance with Francis Bettino

2012 –        Scrap Metal workshop in Goa

2012 –        “ART NEXXT” in Delhi

2009-12 – “GANESHA” in Goa

2011 – SAMITHA, National level workshop in Delhi 2009-11 – Annual Exhibition of Goa College of Art 2009-11 – State Art Exhibition of Goa

2009 – Portrait Workshop Organized by Directorate of Art and Culture of Goa 2009 – “ Murn” Art Workshop organized by west zone cultural centre, Udaipur

2006-07 – Ceramic & terracotta Workshop organized by ministry of govt. of textile of India in Pune 2007 – Terracotta Workshop Organized by GHRSSIDC in Goa




2016 – Summer Festival (in modelling workshop for children) Organized by Directorate of Art and Culture of Goa

2013 –        Painting Workshop in IIT Kanpur

2011 – Training Workshop for Theatre teachers in puppet, mask & origami making 2009 – Pottery making workshop at Ravindra Bhavan Margo- Goa

2008-09 – Young Buzz children festival at Kala Academy, Goa

2007 –       Lectures on pottery in Navodaya leadership Institute, Cancona, Goa



2017 –        Chandrakant S Kerkar Award of Museum of Goa, Goa

2016 –        State Art Award for State Art Exhibition by Kala Academy, Goa

2013 – Merit Certificate in “SAVVAD” an exhibition of Painting and Sculpture in Santiniketan, WB. 2011-12 – 3rd place in Painting and Sculpture, State Art Exhibition, Kala Academy, Goa

2010 – 3rd prize in Painting in State Art Exhibition by Kala Academy, Goa 2009 -10 – 3rd prize & 1st prize in Landscape Painting by Goa College of Art 2009 – Merit certificate in Goa College of Art

2009 –        Honoured Special Prize for Landscape Painting competition by Goa College of Art